From scaling the Andes, to hiking the Kokoda trail. And from riding horseback across the Taklakhan, to riding motorcycles along the Silk Road, adventure chases its own heart beat. Freedom sings its chorus differently, whether its through a field full of spring flowers, or a funnel wave waiting for you to cast your surfboard through its cool, crystalline waters, this is our story. The tale of a planet that was meant for adventure and freedom, as told through the eyes of her people.


Our unique view of the world through a periscope enables us to see the world from a fresh perspective. Through the eyes of locals, we have experiences that consummate our deeper platonic relationship with other cultures and with the world around us. It is through these experiences that we fundamentally alter ourselves, and gain evolutionary insight into our own characters.


See The World Through Local Eyes


As the founder of Intrepid Planet, Mark has visited 29 countries,  across 5 continents (excluding South America and Antarctica), over seven years. He was inspired by the adventurers of old, raised in the hometown of Sir Edmund Hilary – the first man to summit Mt Everest.

Before he began his journey, he was involved in a range of jobs: radio advertising, painting, shop clerk, farmhand, waiting, and gas station supervisor. But it was travel that gave him a sense of purpose in life. Armed with a couple of teaching certificates, and experience writing screenplays – Mark ventured into the world with a rough itinerary.

Since his journey began, he has amassed a collection of powerful stories, and learned about the value of slow travel through local eyes. As a travel writer, Mark pursues an honest view of the world. He is dedicated to ensuring that our world gets to tell her story.

Meet Team Intrepid Planet

Vasilis K – Web Development Consultant

Vasilis is an avid biker who lives our ethos by living each day to its fullest. A lover of the outdoors and travel, he has amassed a collection of motorcycles, which he spends much of his free time riding.

Apostolos K – Director of Design

Apostolos lives in the mountains of Northern Greece where he works with his father in the family business. He loves the outdoors and exploring nature.



Odysseas C – Director of Photography

Odysseas loves nature and travel. Combining these two passions, he has built a career around his passions. He enjoys wild camping and alpine hiking as well as chilling at the beaches in his home country of Greece.


Milos Z – WordPress Consultant

A polyglot with Croatian/Argentinian heritage. He loves travel and is a full-time Digital Nomad. He enjoys socializing and creating new websites.


Monique D – WordPress Design Manager

Monique enjoys travel and culture, as well as being passionate about sport and teaching WordPress through her online company – Q Web Studio.

www.qwebstudio.com (in Dutch)

Alessandro M – Legal Services

Alessandro breathes adventure travel, as well as being an accomplished Windsurfing Instructor who has traveled across the globe, he is a full-time Digital Nomad and Crypto Specialist.