How To Book Flights Like A Professional

How To Find Flights

Welcome to Intrepid Planet’s HOW TO series on Finding Flights. These steps will help you to find the best deals on flights as well as professional insider tips on how Intrepid Planet chooses our flight. So grab a nice hot cup of coffee, pull up a chair and let us feed your mind with nutritious morsels of healthy knowledge.


1. Online Travel Websites

There are a million travel websites. is our preferred flight planner due to its range of specialized features, including: Full Month Planners, Weekly Best of Deals, etc. We also like to use,  with sometimes better deals and an uber cool multi-destination platform. Also on the market are: and On ocassion we used Kayak in the past but due to a partner issue with one of their companies, we have gone off them.


2. How to Find Dates

Most people have set dates. While this can be a hinderance, not to worry because we are going to help you find the best deal on any given week. While weekends are preferred by many, they are often the worst day of the week to book flights because of peak traffic. Your preferred day of the week should fall on a Monday or Tuesday, as these are generally are the quietest travel days of the week.

Next up, Wednesday and Thursday are best. While Sunday comes in third place and the worst days of the week: Friday and Saturday. Flights that leave early in the morning or late in the evening are the best times to travel.


3. How to Find Airports (Insider Secret)

Europe is a great destination for finding flights, but I am sure other major world hubs you can also apply this technique.

You may have your destination airport. Let’s say you wish to visit Montreal. Let’s take a look at this: Montreal is a predominantly French-speaking city, so who’s more likely to visit this city? France. Let’s take a look at flights via France – 250 euros one way via Reykjavik. Did you know that traveling FROM a country that speaks the same language as the host country will 9-times-out-of-10 land you the best deal. The reason? People like to travel in country’s that speak their language when on holiday, plus also ties to that country.

If that fails, try looking at country’s with low-socio economic markets. This works in the US as well as Europe, and find flights via smaller airports will often land you a better deal then at larger city airports.


4. But You Don’t Live in Europe or the US

This tip works for anyone that lives in a country that doesn’t have access to the US or European markets. For people living in NZ or Australia, flights are insanely expensive. How do you fly to Europe or the US for cheap rates? Firstly, book 3 months in advance of your scheduled departure. If you prepare the more in advance, the more you’ll save and you may even pick up a great deal by doing so.

Pick shorter legs to destinations with cheaper airports: If you fly to Europe via Australia, you could choose to fly to Singapore then Dubai and finally your destination. Often you save on fares if you book shorter distances – and it’s also less exhausting.

5. You’re Ready to Go

Next up, of course comes the ticket purchase. While many airlines will offer you add-on’s, most of the time you will not need them. Be careful that some airlines offer cheap tickets but they are often hiding fees which are not built into the ticket. Always read the fine print to make sure you know what you are purchasing.

And that’s your tutorial on buying tickets at the best rates. Have an enjoyable flight and don’t forget your passport!